• 2008, May : awarded with the Order National du Mérite by the President of the French Republic
  • 2007, July : author of the book « Agriculture has 7 000 years beyond her »
  • 2007, May : Political study review, current conflicts, redactor of « Eternal agriculture, Farmers people and the challenges of the 21th century »


  • Consultant for economic relauch in post conflict zone
  • Farmer and agricultural unionist
  • Awarded with the Order National du Mérite by the President of the French Republic


Programm book « Agriculture has 7 000 years beyond her »
Political study review, current conflicts, « Eternal agriculture, Farmers people and the challenges of the 21th century »


Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

  • Project manager for economic activity relauch in countryside zone
  • Missions of ores trafic regulation in the benefit Congolese people, in particular on the Tanganyika Disctrict (Katanga)
  • Works on tracaebility of conflicutal ores
  • Opening up mission at the mouth the Congo river (in collaboration with Bolloré Africa Logistic )
  • Supervision of humanitarian fret logistic at the Rwanda border for the French Opération Turquoise
  • Agricultural and environmental Advisor / DRC representant at the negociations for climate change of Kyoto Protocol for de CCNUCC in Copenhagen

Franco-Arab Chamber of Commerce

  • Advisor to the President, Hervé de CHARRETTE (former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the French Republic)
  • Facilitating  commercial links between French industrial groups and Middle Eastern groups, particularly in the food sector (Veolia Suez-Degremont)

Missions in Saudi Arabia, Jordania, Irak

  • Works to facilitate the opening of the new Syrian Embassy in Paris
  • Works in partnership with Saudi  “International Group Consultant” and the Center for Euro-Arab Studies.

Management of the Studies Division for the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), Nicolas SARKOZY Campaign

  • Head of the agriculture and rurality division
  • Relations with the Ministry of Agriculture, Presidents and Directors of professionnal agricultural organizations, as well as the French agro-industry world
  • Interface between environmental and agricultural lobbies
  • Organization of agriculture and environment conventions and debates.

Office of the French Prime Minister:  Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN

  • Responsible of a think tank to produce studies and proposals for the Prime Minister’s Office: “Seeking adaptation measures for French agriculture within the framework of European enlargement in the face of globalization.”

ABS Community Research

  • Vice President of this American non-profit association (number 501c3), aiming to protect women against corruption, sexual exploitation and human trafficking

Agricultural Unionist

  • President of CDJA (Young Farmers Centers)
  • General Secretariat of CNJA, AFDI, BCMA, APEC…

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